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I want to build a recovery ATV 2.0 to use for recovery of broken, stuck, crashed - ATV-UTV’s out on the trail.
My first unit was a Polaris 6x6 Sportsman. It had a 4500lb wench up front and a 12,000lb wench out back.
To power the 12,000 I used a Honda generator to keep a deep cycle battery charged. As well as run a compressor for air tools and tires.
As long as one end of the recovery would roll it was straight forward.
But today’s large heavier, stucker, crasheder UTVs requires some up grades for recovery. And most likely a trailer for the mangled ones.
I’m in need of suggestions for a stronger heavier ATV. I’ll stick with an ATV over a UTV, out in the woods the maneuverability of the ATV far out Weighs the UTV utility.
Suggestions on a recovery quad?
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