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So I'm looking at an ATV for a family member. I'm an auto tech so I'm not too lost on it but I figured I'd get some advice from here.

The quad is a 1996 Yamaha Bigbear 350 SE 4x4, foot lever shift. The issue was it was slipping gears/lacking power. I test drove it and in any gear it would go along fine then loose power breifly (like befor an automatic car shifts gears)then gain it back, then loose it ect. The engine seems fine and continues to rev. ATV shifts into and out of gears fine and this issue happends in any gear you happen to be in.

I assumed it was a clutch problem as I was told the oil was changed a month ago and replaced with 15W40 (yea, I know...) and since I know the engine, clutch, and tranny all use the same engine oil I didn't think that was a good idea.

Also, when you shut down the engine you can hear what I assume is the clutch still spinning for a few seconds before it clunks to a stop. It only started doing this recently.

Anyway I took off the clutch cover and took out the Primary clutch and the the clutch plates. The plates seem to be fine, no burning and they don't seem to be worn, but I'd like a second opinion as I can only compare them to ones found in automobile trannys ect. (See pics)

The primary clutch material looks very worn and I will probably start by replacing that and the oil/filter. My question though is do I also need the housing the clutch is in? The drum has a few high spots so I'm not sure. What do you guys think?

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