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Brake Help

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I just bought a Baja 250-u and I'm trying to change the front brake pads. For sum reason l can't get the pistons in the caliber to retract. I know their not seized cuz if l push one back the other one comes out. But if l push both at the same time nothing. I've taken the cap off the brake fluid reservoir so the brake fluid could return but nothing. Am l doing something wrong?
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Try loosening the bleeder screw on the caliper that your servicing. It sounds like there is a brake balancer in the main line preventing back flow to the reservoir.
Yeah l think your right, there has to be some kind of balancer in the main line. I will try the bleeder screw after l find some where to get the damn brake pads. Thanks for your help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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