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Hi All,

I am in the market for an atv, next spring actually. I really feel that I do not need anything over 400 class, and am wondering how the Can am Outlander 400 stacks up against Polaris 500HO?

I looked at a sportsman 400HO initially, but it has no low gear, so I stepped it up to a 500 HO. I then had a look online at the Outlander 400, and really wonder if the extra cost is worth the difference between Can am and Polaris? I do love the fact that Can am still offers Low gear in the 400, and am wondering how well built, and how reliable they are? Is the PVT/CVT belt driven like the POPO? And how about the front diff? it is hydraulic?

Also, I am 5'11, 225 pounds, and am not really interested in much bigger than that. (Do have a tractor for real heavy chores.) Iit will pull a wagon around, stuff like that.

This will be for trail riding, and road riding, as we are legally allowed to do so up here.
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