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hello guys, im new here and i have a question.
after owning a year almost my *new* polaris x2 800 (2007)
i bought it new in 2009, as it was built in 2007 (model 2008)
no one got it because they were not able to get a loan on it.
overall i do some trail riding , mostly work (winch , towing)
and some ice driving. I will fast forward to my question.
We are 4 in the family, each weighing about 100Kgs and the X2 only carries 2 people, i have decided to buy another atv so all 4 of us can go trail riding.
i came to the conclusion that we need something that is:
-similar in size
-has more or equal horse power
-MUST have 4x4
-MUST be afforable-ish...
so i have come to this wonderfull website to ask what you guys think would be a good atv (i would prefer polaris as the dealer is way nearer then anyother dealer). thanks in advance.

P.S. i would prefer it to be a original 2 up ,unless someone has a regular atv which with a 2nd seat is as good as a original 2up.
P.P.S. i live in montreal , but go trailing in ST-Anicet if that helps.
P.P.P.S. and any tire recomendations for my new atv as the original ones i have on my x2 arent what i call "good", i drive in mud, grass, asphalt, snow, ice, gravel and swapish territories.

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big changes.

well ive been going around some dealers.
and came to the conclusion of either can am or polaris.
can you guys help and tell me if the deals im getting are good.
Polaris:eek:ptions are:
-500 HO 2011 = 6 995$
-500 HO 2011 touring= 7 995$
-850 XP touring 2011= 10 995$
and - 850 XP EPS 8 995$
all of them are brand new the 500 HO seems like a good deal so im wondering , is the 500 HO ALOT more powerfull then the 400 HO as the dealer says it is?
and the CAN AM deals are more expensive eg: 800 outlander max xt= 13 899$
and a renegade 800 R for 11 600$
i was thinking of maybe getting a utv as theyre now legal in quebec
but the commander is 14K+ so is the rzr but a artic cat prowler 700 for 12K, honestly i think its alittle "too" expensive ,
but i was wondering what youre guys opinions are and if its worth to pay more for a can am.
(but honestly im more of a polaris fan now :p )

P.S. all prices are plus tax (13.5%)
and are in canadian dollars.
thanks in advance for any replyies.
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