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Hi all, I'm new to the forum. My wife and I bought 3 raytech 125's for our grandsons. So far they've been pretty good. I had to replace rear axle bearings on one because the chain was too tight from the factory (my bad, I assembled them but did't check what was already assembled). How can I get a parts/service manual for them? I contacted the manufacturer, no response. I contacted power sports max where we purchased them, but all they say is take a picture of the part and email it (wth??) the bearings i got a number off of and purchased another set locally. The vehicle model name id CRT125-4. The man. name is Raytech(Qingdao)Power Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

Thanks in advance for the help!!


btw my toy is a 17 gator 590i 4 seater
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