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Had a great ride out on Cottonwood Pass (east of Buena Vista, Colorado). Took both my raptor 700's to 13,000' and had an amazing panorama of the Collegiate Peaks (all >14,000' tall). Camped near Cottonwood Lake and was able to ride out of camp. It was COLD, woke up to everything iced up. But the leaves are changing and it was gorgeous. I put a complete trail write-up with more pics and maps on - Cottonwood Lake - Mineral Basin -- Buena Vista, Colorado

Here are some pics:

Half way up trail 348

Old homestead site w/ carved gate logs

Near Summit (looking north at Mt Yale and various other 14'rs of the Collegiate Peaks)

SUMMIT! 13,000'
Mt Antero to the South

Mt Princeton to the East

Mt Yale and others to the North

Random of Mt Antero
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