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Hey guys,

I've got a set of Pro Armor nerf bars on my 2007 Raptor 700. There was a defect in the weld for the heel guards and the nerf bar broke clean across the weld. I pulled it somewhat straight so we could get it back to the camp and on the trailer. I'll downsize this for the forum but I sent Pro Armor the full resolution.

So my niece and I were doing hill climbs and her foot slipped off the peg and went right through the back of the nerf bar. Luckily she was wearing a pair of Comp 5 boot which probably saved her life!! I tossed the boots but I wish I would have taken a photo of those too. It nearly cut the boot in half and only by the grace of God was she OK. We were more than an hour from a hospital.

If your considering a pair of these nerf bars I would buy another brand. They only have a 90 day warrantee agains defects in workmanship!!!

This clearly wasn't abuse either, it's a clean break right at the weld.

I contacted their customer service and got a very rude response from Elisha Raphael who told me that I needed to have a receipt to prove that I bought it from an authorized dealer. I don't have the receipt, but it doesn't matter because they will only warrantee their products for 90 days including defects.

Anyway, just another reminder to ride safe and gear up!! If I hadn't had bought her those boots I may have lost her on that ride.
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