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Hey guys,

I am part of a FSAE team... We engineer, build, and race a Formula-style race car, but on a much smaller scale (610cc fourstroke is the largest we are allowed to run, with a restrictor). It's a student engineering competition in which schools from around the world compete in. Currently, our car is RWD and chain driven. But my goal for next year (for the 2012 competition) is to design the drivetrain for an AWD car!!

So I'll be needing two differentials, and I figured the ATV world would be the perfect place to start my search!! I have some knowledge in RWD race quads with solid rear axles, but that does not help me, hence the reason I'm posting this thread. I'm looking for some direction from you guys, as to where to start my research.

I need diffs from a fully independant suspension 4x4 quad. So where should I start my research? What diffs will hold up the horsepower of a streetbike engine with sticky tires on a clean track? Who offers a limited slip diff? What are the gear ratios for the diffs and how much do they weigh. Any suggestions are welcome, and I will take the time to do further research (I just need starting points to begin my research).

Thanks guys!!
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