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Hi all,

Ive got a Honda foreman 500 with 3800hrs on the clock,

Had to leave it sitting out for a couple of weeks (late winter & some frosts) & then decided to water blast it & not long after when I checked the oil it had creamed up.

Ive changed the oil filter & coolant but after riding it the new oil has creamed slightly & the coolant in the expansion tank went down slightly (10mm).

Ive ridden it twice more since each time about 2miles at about 20mph & the coolant has not dropped any more & the oil seems to be about the same.

Question is, could either sitting out OR water blasting have caused the oil to cream & could enough of that oil remained in the crank / gear box to pollute the new oil or am I looking at a head problem?

any thoughts /info would be helpful.

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