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Hi , this is my first thread on this forum and im far from
An expert on atv part. I bought a brand new yfz 450 injection in 2012. I was saying to myself that i will not put any modification on it.. No pipe ot whatsoever just to keep it stock so i will
Be able to keep it long long time.Now, i would like to maybe put a full exhaust or just split on put probably fill because i would like to get that big sound compared to stock exhaust . Does putting a pipe can hurt long term or change anything in the engine that can cause any damage, and as far as i know , normally when you change the headers and pipe ( air out) you have to put a intake( air in) that goes with the specific pipe system . And as i think too , if you change any of
Those part then the computer need a change too because he is set for all stock part right , like set for certain air ratio and then you change this certain ratio with your parts .
Thanks for your reply and sorry for some of my error, i am french
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