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hey im polaris04700sm and i live in minnesota (the best state). im 13 yrs old and am in to atv's, snowmobiles, and rc's. my family is also into atvs and other motorsports (bought my 700 from my grandparents lol)and rode my first quad at about 6 yrs old and have always loved riding and going fast (but following the rules) now my other grandpa got a quad and is always eager to ride since he is in the stucco industry and is out of work alot this summer i hope to get in alot of riding time in on st croix and other great trails. :)
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thanks for having me. i can sense that this place will be awsome after you get more people:D
Its been getting a few more members and more active.:thumbsup: Its still a pretty new forum but its getting there:D .
alot of people with sleds also have an atv, i can post a thread on there about this can i even do that?:confused:
Should be able to. I think the and are the same company Verticalscope Inc.
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