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I recently acquired a 1988 Yamaha Moto 4 (YFM 225). It had sat in my neighbours barn for at least a couple of years. I trailered it home, and cleaned it up, drained and replaced the fuel, put a new battery on it and installed a new spark plug. The engine will start, but not without the choke (even when its warm), and will not idle smoothly at all. It "chuffs" back through the carburetor about every 5 seconds and the engine knocks intermittently like it's trying to fire at the wrong time. It runs enough to ride it around but is obviously not running right.
I've had the carb off a couple of times and thoroughly dissassembled it and cleaned it. I've also checked that air is not leaking in, between the carb and the engine. The air filter looks to be in good shape.
Does anybody have any ideas as to what I could try next?
Also, does anyone know where I could find a carb rebuild kit for this engine? (carb part number....59V-14101-00-00)
Any help appreciated, Thanks.
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