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Hi all, i'm from Canada, near Montreal!

My friends and i ,..are 3wheelers addict Team.
We are 'Team ADC' since 2005!...A bunch of guys(about8-9) who ride old ATC200,S,M,..... slowly some up-grade to ATC250R and ATC350X(like me).

Now (last summer) 2 of us buy TRX250R,....
WE also ride with another team who ride only in 450R!
Both 2 team = about 20-25 guys who ride togheter,..each Sunday!
And i make vids each times,....
I use GoPro HD,and standart caméra,....

Here is my best vid from last summer,...Its was the first day in the pit!!

La côte sauvage - Team ADC - YouTube
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