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Up for sale is a rare unmolested 2008 Aprilia SXV 550 - private seller/original owner. This is one of the most fun motorcycles ever made. Aprilia went all out on this model and made a bike unique in the world. This SuperMoto has a true state of the art motor with slipper pistons and almost no flywheel effect. If you buy a KTM or Honda it has to have a big flywheel to keep that big jug from stalling. This twin revs to redline as fast as you can hold on. The under 300lbs dry weight makes it fun to slide around and easy to put in your pickup.

These are getting rare to find as Aprilia USA has emptied their warehouse hand have no more to sell. New theses sell for $9500.00 ; Info&photos: [email protected] ; Price is not negotiable $3,700.00! 2,150 miles! cc 549!

So it runs perfectly is has has been overmaintained, I have CT title in hand and will sell a realistic price based on BLUE Book values. There are a few scuffs on the rear fender where I could not quite get my 60 year old leg over but other than a few scuffs from my boots you can't tell its not a new bike.


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