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Nice looking forum. Got my first ATV ('02 TRX 300EX) about a month or two ago. I'm not a big guy (5'8" 185lbs) so this 300 seemed perfect for first ATV. So far just riding the area out back of my home but got a trailer yesterday gonna go hit some places real soon. Just trail riding. No dunes or tracks.

ATV Ride 5-03-09 Home :: ATV Ride 5-03-09 slideshow by NitroMayhem - Photobucket

Anyway, I have a few mods in mind wondering what you all think:

Nerf Bars
Full Body Skidplate
SuperTrapp ISD2 Quiet Series Full Exhaust
(maybe an HMF slip on instead of SuperTrapp)
K&N Air Filter

I really don't want to do any engine mods like cam, carb, porting, etc. What else should I add or change to this list if you have expert advice? Do I need to re-jet it and if so what sizes to get I would have no clue.

Peace! :)

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All good mods. GEt a new rear swing arm skid the stock one is not strong and thats the first thing I broke. lso the 300 has 22s on the back get 20s they handle much better. I like RAZR s they r worth the money. they r also not a rounded tire like the stock 300 tires, so they dont roll over as much.
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