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Please help me! My husband and I love to go out on our 4-wheelers. Nothing extreme or anything. Just love to head up the mountains and see some of the lakes. We now have two little ones and would love to take them with us. One is 3 yrs old and the other is 18 months. We don't do anything that would be dangerous but want to get helmets for them not only because its the law but I want them safe. My problem is this: Where on earth can you find a helmet for those sizes? I bought one last year for my then 2 1/2 yr old and it fits but its way too heavy and she won't wear it because I'm sure it hurts her. It's a kids full face one and it is her size, but its too heavy. So here I go with the questions:

Do they make helmets for atv use for sizes 3 yrs and 18 months?
and if so where can I buy them?

Do helmets for kids have to be full face? I think that's another reason they scare my 3 yr old.

I've been told that they make lighter ones but I can't find them. Anyone seen special ones for the little kids that are lighter weight?

I've been looking and looking. Anyone have ideas?
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