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I have a Yamaha Moto 4 that was given to me and I need to replace the pinion and bearings in the rear end. I have no clue what year or model it is to order the parts? It is yellow and has 223 cm on stamped on the motor so I am guessing it is 225 Moto 4? Am I correct in this assumption and is there a place on the frame that has the year and model stamped on it?

I know it is from the 80's and that is as far as I got but I do not want to order the wrong part and have to deal with that issue.

Also, are the bearings different from year to year on these or motor to motor? Or are they pretty universal and one size fits all?

One more question: I have the wheels and brake off and have no idea how to get the axles out to remove the differential - can anyone tell me what I need to do to get those out of there.

Thank you for any help - Bob Urban
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