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Hi all, new here so plz be gentle...I just bought a 2005 BF 650 (not an i). It is very clean, no mods, 600 miles, was owned by a farmer. I have no idea if its ever been overworked.

Hers the prob....found it, test rode it, bought it. Got it home, unloaded it, went around the yard once, up and down my laneway, then my daughter did the same. Difference is she panicked when entering the garage (my ZX14 scared her ) )and she pulled on the brake as werll as hit the throttle, effectively doing a brake stand. When I next took it out, it has developed a horrible low speed vibration, it will actually bounce up and down if left turned off and puched across my garage floor. I have checked all the axles, tires etc, all the usual suspects, with no luck.Thought it might have been an ebc prob, but the ebc actuator has since gone out with no difference.I can no longer hear the ebc actuator cycle after killing the engine, and the 2wd-4wd light is cycling on the console. I changed the belt thinking it may have been bad, but no difference. At speed it now vibrates (shakes would be a better word) like hell. I am convinced it is a drivetrain issue, but where??

Before the ebc went out, while idling we could here a bit of clatter from the booted area of the rear drive shaft, while it was clattering, if i tapped either the throttle or the rear brake it went quiet for a few secs, so I attributed it to normal gear lash....opinions on that one??

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as we have a definate lack of good ATV mechanics in my neck of the woods, and the local Kawy dealer has a bad rep for ATV work.

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