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Hey guys this is my first post and I wanted it to be about race tips
Ok so first things first about the 250 Honda hybrid quads
First thing u realy won't to do is always shift at the right time
If u don't well ur pretty much wanna bog out I have races a hybrid
For 3 years so I know what I'm talking about ok so
The gears u won't to stay in is 3rd 4th and 2nd if u don't have enof speed around the corners shifting at the right time is the most inportint
Before u come around a turn shift down and before u get to the end
Of the turn shift up jumping is the funest so don' afraid to jump
I haven't races a 250 in about a year so that's all I can give at the time
Look at part 2 for 450 coming soon
Post what u think

This may not be the best guide out there but if u
Don't like it well go **** yourself
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