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Timing chain and cam instalation for 200s.

Regardless of what the manual says, you DO NOT have to remove the engine from the trike, the head,the valve cover, or the cam. Just take all the CDI stuff off. Unbolt the gear from the cam and slide it down on the nose part.
Remove the old chain and fish the new one down through there. Loosen the tensioner all the way (In fact, I took it right off) and pop the new one on the gears.
I did a complete timing chain swap from start to finish in under 45 minutes, taking my time.

Oh yeah, VERY important. Make sure the timing mark is on the T and the dot on the cam lines up with the triangle.

You must take extreme care when installing chain on and around crank!! At 1st I thought it wouldn't work as the chain didn't seem to want to flex enough to go around the crank and I certainly didn't want to force it but then with a bit of fanageling with the chain suddenly it gave me just enough clearence to loop it over with out forcing. You just have to get the links to postion themselves right and it will work.

If you feel more comfortable going from the bottom up (fishing it up with wire) then certainly do so. It really can't take that much longer.

I also found that with the flywheel mark at the "T" line that the cam sprocket "0" mark will be off by a millimeter or 2 from the "V" mark on engine no matter what you do! I have found this to be a common thing with Hondas. My CRF 450 is and always will be off by about 3 mm and thats the way it came from the factory. Other Hondas I have done were also off too. :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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