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How to buy a new quad.

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Ok guys, don't laugh but I've got a bonehead simple newbie question for you. Since buying a quad appears to be completely different than buying a car....what is your process.. I went to a dealer last night and it seems like everyones prices are more or less the same and that there isn't much deviation between dealers? Is this true or will I be able to get better deals if I shop around?

Can the prices be haggled to some extent? Naturally this guy made it seem like the demand (at least for a yamaha grizzly 700) is high enough that the prices are more or less set.....

And since I'm new at this i wasn't sure how to respond.

Thanks for any advice you can offer..

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Yes shopping around can save $$$$ I shopped at 4 different dealers around the area and got a helmet and goggles and a warn 2500# winch thrown in with the deal. How much are the 700s going for in Ohio?
I live in Toledo, Ohio but I work in Michigan about an hour North of the dealer I stopped at was in Michigan on the way home. If I remember correctly he quoted $8200 for a 700 grizzly EFI with other added options...standard model, not DU or SE or anything. Since I didn't know if prices could be worked on or honestly what the MSRP or 'going' rates were I couldn't respond postively or negatively to what he said...Also he could probably see that I was just started my shopping and wasn't going to buy one from him that night...
They are running around 7995.00 around this area.Shop around a little you can find a better price. By the way your gonna love the grizzly when you get one!
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