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K-TECH NEWS Vol #18 Issue 1 2005
KVF750 Connector Corrosion Creates Electrical Havoc

Do you have a KVF750 exhibiting strange electrical problems? There have been reports of some very strange electrical symptoms that can be difficult to diagnose.
Typical symptoms are listed below in the order from most common to the least common:

1. Fan does not activate and the engine overheats
2. Meter stays on and the battery goes dead
3. Fuse keeps blowing
4. Engine stalls when 4wd is engaged and does not restart, but it restarts in 2wd.
5. Engine starts without ignition key (when just green button is pressed).
6. Check belt light is flashing.

The cause for these symptoms can be often traced to corrosion forming inside one of the two white plastic 1"x1-1/4"x3/8" joint (BUS) connectors that are taped to the main wiring harness. There is one under the front fender between the front shock towers and another one under the rear fender near the fuel tank.
So far the problem has occurred only on the rear connector. More specifically, the rear connector/harness is attached to the tube frame just to the right side of igniter/control unit area. If you pry open the cap of the connector, you may find greenish corrosion (electrolysis) formed inside between the bare metal contacts. The electrolysis occurs within the connector because there are positive and negative wire terminals joined together without any barrier to separate them. On the rear connector the white wires are always on (+), the brown wires are ignition on (+) and the black/yellow wires are ground (-).
If your customers ride in deep water or somehow cause water intrusion into this connector, a special prevention is required because the problem could repeat. After cleaning up the corrosion or the main harness is replaced (because the connector itself is not available separate), some dielectric grease should be applied inside the connector and it should be well sealed to prevent further moisture intrusion. The ultimate repair is to remove all of the black/yellow ground wires, solder them together and seal them separately from the connector.

Please make a copy of this and take it to your dealer if you are having one of these problems.
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