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Installing crankshaft in 2008 650-H1

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I had to replace the crankshaft in my 650-H1. I have installed the crankshaft and the crankshaft balancer. However, when I try to rotate the crankshaft it is hitting the balancer. Do I need to shim the crankshaft to allow the necessry clearance. The original crankshaft did not have any shims. This looks like the only way to get the two pieces to align.
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I think you should recheck the timing between the two.
Timing is correct. The counter balance does not pass through the bottom of the crankshaft. They do not line up.
Oh. I see. Well the manual doesn't mention having to measure or check the end floats.. On the shaft it has a big washer each side of the gear, and one smaller one that looks like a shim.
I'd have assumed that there is meant to be a fairly liberal amount of room in there.

Are you sure it's meant to be able to pass between the crank throws ? I'd have thought it would be like most bikes and be timed to miss the throws. I've never worked on an arctic cat but.. haha.
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