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International Tire Products (ITP) of Ontario, Calif. has just released two new TerraCross R/T sizes designed for better sport-oriented performance.

Now available in a 25x9R-14 front and a 25x10R-14 rear, this new sizing results in an extra-low profile with less sidewall flex for precise steering and exceptional control.

According to ITP, these new sizes offer significantly better handling and are lighter than current 26-inch options. The company says the tires also reduce horsepower losses and allow the operator to retain OEM gearing characteristics.

"This is what the high-performance crowd has been waiting for," ITP says in a release.

Like the rest of the TerraCross R/T line, the new tires feature ITP’s XD (Extreme Duty) construction and extended-life rubber compound. They work with both ATV and UTV (side-by-side) vehicles and use a unique interlocking tread pattern and wide footprint to offer exceptional traction and flotation in mud, snow and sand. The wrap-around shoulder lug design provides excellent sidewall protection and grip to tackle large ruts and rocks.

The ITP TerraCross R/T XD is available in numerous 12- and 14-inch sizes, and also come in a variety of pre-mounted tire/wheel kits using ITP’s SS Alloy one-piece aluminum wheels.

More: ITP debuts low-profile Terracross R/T on
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