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K&n Atv Riders Wanted

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K&N Engineering, Performance Filters 2008 Rider Support Racing Season is now open. Resumes will be accepted from September 1, 2007 through October 31, 2007.

Please send resumes direct to: K&N Engineering, Inc.

ATTN: Powersports Division-Racing Support

1455 Citrus Street

Riverside, CA 92507

Include in your resume: ? 2007 Results, Organization raced, Class & Sponsors

* 2008 Race event schedule, Organization and Class of race
* Pictures of your bike and race rig (Truck & Trailer)
* Race for a Dealership? Include Name and Contact info of that dealer
* In School? Send a copy of your most recent report card. That helps too!

If you are currently using K&N Filters in your race bike, feel free to keep me up to date with your results until next year. It will give me a good idea of who you are and make it easier to make a decision when that opportunity arises. Proudly displaying your K&N Decal is a great thing to consider!

Keep in mind, if serious about the desire to use K&N in your bike, feel free to discuss opportunities with your local dealer. Promoting our product through your local shop is a great way to gain recognition while using products you truly believe in.

Thank you for your interest in K&N. We look forward to you being part of our race program.

K&N High Performance Air Filters, Oil Filters, & Cold Air Intakes - Official K&N Engineering Site
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