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Hello, I have a Kasea 50cc that has been purchased by a customer and brought into our shop for repairs. When I began to inspect it I found:
#1. Heavily Scored Cylinder (35lbs of compression)
#2. Chopped up and "repaired" Wiring
#3. Defective Carburetor (had been sitting a long time with an ethanol based gas-mix in it)
#4. Oil-pump had been deleted
But, the customer wanted it repaired so I did a top-end rebuild, replaced the carburetor, installed factory ignition parts to replace the "improvised" ignition system and wiring, and since the oiling system had been deleted I instructed him to run the proper gas-mix in the fuel tank. He took it home and it ran well for about 5 weeks then it began to loose power (bogging) during acceleration. I suspected crankshaft seals (which were bad) and I replaced them. I reassembled it and it is still doing the same thing. I have run out of things trying to figure it out. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks!
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