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Kawasaki Prairie 360, Kawasaki Prairie 650, Kawasaki Prairie 700, Kawasaki KFX700 V-Force, Kawasaki Brute Force 650, and Kawasaki Brute Force 750 ATVs are fitted with drive belt alert systems. When a fault is detected the system is tripped and will make your ATV sputter in “Slow Mode” and on some models disable four-wheel drive altogether.
The reset is as follows:

- Turn the ignition OFF

- Disconnect the belt failure switch at the 2-pin connector above the CVT cover

- Disconnect both sets of 5 pin connectors located above the CVT cover. Note: These connectors are located just beneath the shift handle on the right side of the 650; one is black and one is grey

- Connect these 5 pin connectors to their opposite pairs (grey to black and black to grey)

- Turn the ignition switch ON

- The belt-warning lamp should be flashing at like 0.5s intervals for a few seconds then start to flash slower let the lamp flash for at least seven seconds

- Wait seven seconds or more, turn the ignition switch off

- Reconnect 5 pin connectors to their proper location (black to black, grey to grey)

- Connect the belt failure switch 2-pin connector (wires from CVT cover)

- Turn the ignition switch on to see that the belt warning light is not flashing
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I also have a prairie 360 with a flashing light. Manual says the code COULD be various things - all expensive. Took to shop, they diagnosed as 4wd actuator. Before buying expensive part, I have questions. 1. Can a "used" part be used here? 2. Is there a way to be sure this IS the problem? Any other suggestions to fix.
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