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Kawasaki Prarie Question

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I have a 2005 kawasaki 360 prarie 4x4
recently had the cylinder and piston replaced.

My computer threw a check belt code (which is normal every 300 key on hrs)when this happens the bike goes into slow motion mode

My book shows how to reset the computer which I did.
This did clear the codes. But the bike is still in slow mode.

the book shows crossing a few connection to clear the memory.
This has been done.

I have noticed that when I hit my 2/4 wheel drive button. I hear the actuator vibrate but dont think it is changing from 2-4 wheel drive or vis versa. (wondering if it could just be stuck in 4 wheel drive???
any help would be great. Thank you
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Jack up the front of the machine and see if it disengages.
actuator problems with kawasaki 360

I also have a 360 kawasaki. In regards to your bike still in the slow mode you may have tripped the switch inside the belt cover if your belt is worn. check it out first before buying anything.

Also, in regards to the actuator on the front end gear box not switching to 4 wheel and back to 2 wheel. That may be the actuator itself as the bike has had a history of that being a problem. Best way to check is to have the bike in the air off all 4 wheels, then see if the front wheel turn when started and put into 4 wheel drive. You should not be able to hold or stop the wheels if it does, when you switch back to 2 wheel the wheel will be able to be stopped with your hand. Give it a try if that doesn't work then i suggest you take it to a dealer to have the actuator tested and sometimes the actuator control box may be the problem.
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