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King Quad 450 or Brute Force 650

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I cant make a up my mind on this guys so any comments or opinions you have for me would be great.

I'm looking to buy an new ATV and under 7,000. It would be mostly for me but my wife will ride it too. I'm not compleatly new to ATVin but Ive never owned one. I live in Alaska right now and I'll be useing it to trail ride mostly, but also will be doing some stream crossing mud riding and with out a doubt taking it out in the snow. I have narowed my choice's to 2 ATV's.

First lets talk about the 07 Suzuki King Quad 450.(454cc) MSRP 6,499.00

THE GOODS= IRS (Independent Rear Suspention)The handling on these things are second to none from what I hear and read.
Fuel Injection (would be great for these Alaska mountains)
Flip switch for the locking front diff (just makes sense to me)

THE BADS= I dont think its going to be powerful enough for me or, I think I will out grow it quickly and want to get somthing bigger.
The stearing is supposedly twitchy and nervous feeling.
The front rack is under sized compared to other ATV's. (I dont really care about that last one)

Next is the 08 Kawasaki Brute Force 650.(633cc) MSRP 6,599.00

THE GOODS= Good sized Great sounding 90-degree V-TWIN
I really like the looks of the brute force
Looks like there might be a little more room on the seat for riding two.

THE BADS= Solid rear axle.(I dont think the handling will come close to the King quad)
Carburetion (just cant compare with fuel injection for many reasons)
Im not sure I am totally sold on the lever pull on the left handel bar for the locking front diff

Again, I could be wrong on some of this stuff guys. Ive never even sat on either of these QUADS so what the hell do I know. This is all stuff I read online. Anything you could tell me about either of these two ATV's would be very helpful. Thanks ZAK
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I would go with King Quad 450 because of the fuel injection and suspension.
good to know.. thanks saber6 :)
Be sure to test drive a few different models before you buy;) and be sure to get some pictures up after you get it:thumbsup:
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