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Hi all, I am hoping someone may be able to help me out....

I have an '01 Yamaha Kodiak 400 quad that up till now has been running as sweet as a nut. As we planned to use it with a plow to push snow this winter, we took it to a Yam dealer for a full winter service. The bike started fine at the shop, again when we got back to get it off the trailer and a few days after we fitted the plow to it too.

The next time we started it, it was -20c and it started fine. As we were using it to plow the drive, a mechnaic friend of ours turned up and said it sounded like it was running on choke. I checked and the choke was off and I noticed it was having problems ticking over. I put this down to the temps and the fact we were running with the lights on for the first ever time.

Today we went to use it again to plow on a -20c day and it would not start. The battery had lots of life (we have it on a solar charger) and it turned over fine. It would try to fire but would never catch. My first thoughts were either choke or ice in the fuel lines. We eventually towed it into a heated garage and put it on a rapid charger. I checked fuel is getting to the carb by opening the carb drain screw and turning the fuel on to check it flowed. I removed the air filter (that the shop had just serviced) and checked the throttle was working in the carb. I checked the choke cable was not snagged and removed the plug and checked for a spark (which there was a good one).

I checked other obvious things such as we had fuel, kill switch was off etc but after 4 full re-charges of the battery and leaving it in the heated garage for over 3 hours, it still turns over, tries to fire up occasionally but will not run. Obviously I am a tad sceptical as all this has happened right after the service.....

Any ideas???
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