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I just got a 2005 yamaha kodiak 450. What do I need to know?
Here is the SN. 5y4aj14yx5a002435.

It does need some parts like new tires, rims, all new plastics, and racks. Where is the cheapest place to buy that stuff?

The guy also said he thinks the front Axel is not locking in on the 4 wheel drive what do I do to fix that?

Is this the KODIAK 450 4WD (YFM45FAT), KODIAK 450 4WD BLACK-CARBON (YFM45FASET), KODIAK 450 4WD HUNTER (YFM45FAHT) and what is the difference?

Anything else I need to know or other places i should ask please feel free to respond thanks.
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