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Hi guys. HELP!!!!!!
I have a 2004 KVF360 with no spark, well, actually 1 spark.
When you press the start button you get 1 spark then nothing.
I had this on a KLF300 years ago and managed to dig the rubber sealant out of the ECU and re soldered all the joints and Hey Presto, It worked. Problem on this ATV is there seems to be a CDI unit and an Igniter box. Not sure which is more likely to be the cause or could it be more simple. The last guy to work on it put a new pulse coil and generator on it but didn't refit the plate that protects the 3 yellow wires from the flywheel and it has rubbed through the insulation causing a short most likely. Could this have blown something?. Any help would be appreciated. Nick
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