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Hello everyone, I got the fever. I've ridden atv's most of my life but I've never owned one myself. I've managed borrow bikes from family and friends, in return for me working on the engines and getting their bikes in good running condition. Anyway, it's my turn now. I wan't my own machine and I want it today.
I've been searching around for the past few weeks and I can't find much at all in my area. I'm looking to spend no more than $5000 unless I really can't find anything else. I will primarily be using this for trail riding and creek riding. I wan't something that I can hope in and out of creeks when needed and plow through woods to make a path back into the creek. I decided that I would like preferably a 400cc, 4x4 is not necessary but it would be nice, and if I could only get a 2x4 it'd have to have hi/lo/rev at min. Transmission doesn't really matter, I like the control of shifting without a clutch. One of my biggest preference is it has to have good ground clearance, I don't want to worry about logs/rocks. I ruled out polaris due to belt drive in creeks. I really like the arctic cats but none of my local dealers had any previous years in stock, every thing was just a tad out of my price range.

Anyway, sorry for the long intro to my question, just wanted you to know a little of what I'm looking for. Tonight, while browsing on ebay and craigslist I found two bikes that sound really good to me, and they sound realistic to, not to good to be true kind of good.

The first one is a 2010 Yamaha Big Bear 400 4x4. Its almost new with only 103 miles on it, excellent condition and its priced at $4700.

The second one I've found is a 2008 KAWASAKI KVF650i BRUTE FORCE BF650, V TWIN, 4X4. This one has way more use one it with over 1600 miles but has brand new tires/wheels and a major service tuneup. Their asking $4749 for this one, but I think I've got a better chance talking this one down a bit

Right now I'm heavily leaning towards the Big Bear cause it's newer and practically built for the exact thing I want to use it for. The biggest thing going for the Kawasaki is the IRS and larger engine. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with these two models. I know the Big Bear is a staple mid-class atv, I've just never ridden one myself. I'm not familiar at all with the Kawasaki.

Your help in this is greatly appretiated, looking forward to any insight you can offer. I can't wait till the morning to call the dude about the Big Bear. I hope it's still available, I'd be pissed if its already gone.

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