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Hello all! We hope everyone is as excited as LSQR is for the new season to start. We have so many awesome and exciting things planned. With the first race around the corner I want to ask for some help.

We are in desperate need of volunteers. It takes about 20 people to effectively run a race weekend. We have an awesome group that is willing to help but can not do it full time as they are racing and have small children. If we can pull together so that no one person is having to work every race that would be very helpful. If you can help or know of someone who is willing to help, please let us know. We are needing the following:

Score Keepers – You don’t have to already know how to do it, we will show you. You will need to be in the scoring tower from when practice starts until the race is over. If you have someone racing, we usually swap out with each other while your rider is on the track so that you can watch.

Tech Inspection – Need to have been around quads for a while and know how to properly tech a bike. We just need you for two hours on Saturday and one hour on Sunday morning.

Safety Safari – You will need to be on a utility quad in the middle of the track during the entire race to tow bikes off of the track in the event of a breakdown. If you have a utility quad that would be wonderful. If not, but you would be willing to do this, please let us know and we will see if we can find a quad for you to use.

Saturday Practice - Need someone (or more than one to take turns) to run practice on Saturday. You will just need to tell riders when and where to get on and off the track.
Advertising – We need volunteers to go around and put out/hand out flyers at local businesses, etc. Also, we hope to attend fairs/festivals/car shows/parades, etc and will need people to attend these events.

Fundraising – If you know a business or individual who would like to support LSQR, please get with Michele Manshack or Angela Bryant.

Announcer – We need someone who is familiar with quad racing and somewhat familiar with the riders to announce during the race. This could also be divided up amongst a couple of different people so no one person has to do it all day.

Also, we need ideas for advertising and people willing to help, I have flyers if anyone is interested in getting them passed out I can mail some to you or meet you to deliver.

We plan on having a raffle this year and have a couple of things donated but need a couple more. One is a vacation package and the other is a flat-screen T.V. Anyone interested in donating or knows of someone who may please let me know.

We really want to do Holeshot awards this year, but we need to get donations. If you or someone you know would like to donate things for this please let us know. Its not necessary for you to donate something for every class. Our ultimate goal is to have a Holeshot award for every class, but until we can build up to that, it will be for random selected classes.

Please be sure to bring proof of age to the first race or the first race you race with us it is mandatory.

Thank you again everyone. Let’s make this year one to remember.

Dee and Michele
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