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I think this is an '86 model - not sure but it's an LT-F230 with shaft drive.

When I bought this it had a bad hesitation off idle and would not idle so I took the carb apart, cleaned it out real good and repaired a hole in one side of the float. I put a new plug in it and took all the bad gas out of the tank and changed the oil.

Now that I have it back together it's idleing real high maybe because I don't know where the hose from the back side of the carb goes nor do i know where the hose on the nipple on the intake boot goes.

Anyway, I can crank it easily but it idles high and when I put my finger over the hose fitting on the back side of the carb it idles down but when i give it gas it makes small backfires and puffs..

solving this hose issue would help i think and I'm wondering i have inadvertantly messed something up with the float setting when I worked on it.

any help?

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