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I just got myself a 2003 LT80 (It is Electric start only). It needed a new battery that I knew of. I jumped it with a boat battery and it ran good the first day I had it. the second day it got muddy and I rode through the mud, but a while into riding it stalled out and wouldn't even attempt to turn over. SO we tried figuring out the problem but nothing. So we gave it another shot 20 minutes or so later and it fired right up and went for the rest of the day.
Today it did the same thing, but instead of going the whole day it did it twice. Again I was going through a good 4-6 inches of mud before it started acting up.
Dad thinks the CDI just works when it wants to. We have checked all the wires with a tester and all work but the ground to the CDI. It won't ground itself but if we ground it before the CDI box then the wheeler will turn over.
Please help me out, I don't have anymore ideas.
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