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Man Travels 5,000 Miles Alone on an ATV!

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Nathan Beck of Reno, Nevada discovered the American West alone with his quad and ATV Wagon trailer full of gear. He lost his dog twice and checked into a hospital due to hypothermia one night in Idaho. He went through 10 new tires and about 416 gallons of gas during his adventure, plus he maintained a daily journal of the trip.

A humble Nathan explains his insanity, "I want to know what's on the other side of the mountain, I have the itch to travel. I want to see what is out there. Life is too short." One of the main reasons why people own ATVs is to explore the back country and enjoy the sense of freedom—Nathan Beck symbolizes this fact and more.

What Nathan did was truly remarkable—historic—inspirational-- unbelievable! In July of 2006, Nathan left Reno and traveled north to Canada. He reached the border in about 11 days, averaging 160 miles per day driving on trails and secondary roads. But as he started to head back home, he began to ponder the possibilities of going farther.

"I have always wanted to experience Sturgis and since I was nearly half way there and street legal, I just decided to take a detour," says Nathan. But he almost didn't make it, as day 16 in Bozeman, Montana was most difficult for him. "Losing my dog AND the mechanical breakdown was terrible. I was so desperate I was pushing my quad to the nearest gas station saying to myself 'this is how it ends', I was thinking 'I'm getting a U-Haul and I am going home'”, sighs Nathan.

But he had rewarding experiences as well during his 34 day, 5000 mile ATV trip. He explains, "Making it to Sturgis-that was very rewarding for me. People could not believe that I came from Reno on a quad to the rally. But even more rewarding, the very last day of my trip I left at 11AM and drove straight til 1:30 the next morning- 361 miles in one day-my personal best. I could barely get off the quad, I was so tired."

Nathan takes ‘exploring the back country on an ATV’ to a whole new level. So far he has put 17,603 miles on a 2004 Yamaha Grizzly in just 3 years of ownership and has no plans of stopping. He is scheduling an '07 summer trip-- maybe 10,000 miles in 60 days. He is currently seeking sponsors to assist with the mega-ride.
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Pretty cool, but most importantly...did he find his dog? I see it in the pic but I don't know if that was taken before or after.
I bet he put a lot of hard work and effort into training. Must have been tiering.
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