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2000 sprotsman 500
had regulator and battery issues all its life--6 so far.
each time the bulbs that were on fried--

the common ones were spedometer, pod indicators, tail lamp, and the bulb in the multi function switch hot hibeam indicator, starter/kill illumination.

anyways, I put in LEDs and so far all went well. I'm way past due for my usual blowout.

I need some info on the purpose of a factory diode and 470 ohm resistor located in this multi function switch.

it is also shown in the 2001 wiring diagram

they run in series between the black wire and the red and white wire od the multi function switch--
the black connects to the ETC, CDI and the spedometer
the red and white appears to tbe a +12v feed for the entire machine

from the diagram it would have passed power from the resistor and diode to the CDI, ETC, and spedometer.

what is it doing.
why a diode and resistor

safety for flyback voltages????

any thoughts?
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