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Needing a CDI

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I have a 1999 Arctic Cat ATV with, I think, a 400 motor. At least the plastics call it out to be a 400.
It has been cobbled, rather than repaired, and I'm looking to get it back into decent shape.
It has had the wiring cut into and different wiring run.
From ebay, I bought a wiring harness that's in really good shape. As I'm replacing the harness, I notice that the CDI box had been replaced with some after marked box, and the wiring scabbed together.
In the new wiring harness, there is only one plug to go to the CDI box, but the boxes I see on ebay have two plugs on them.
Also, I find no numbers on the motor. How do I tell what size it actually is?
Thank you for any help you can offer to get this machine worthy of riding.
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Check the frame, mine has numbers all over 4wheeler.
I found the serial numbers on the frame. I don't find any numbers on the engine to know, for sure, what size engine I have.
Try this link, scroll down a bit and there's a vin decoder. If that link's dead do a Google search. You'll find a free site, just be persistent. Find some pictures of the model it's supposed to be, and compare details.
Chances are slim that the engine is any other than what is was made with.
I went there, but what am I looking for?
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