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Hi, I'm new to this forum. Just trying to find some info on my daughters brand new ATV.

We've been using it for a week or two and she was complaining that it won't go very fast and it hurt her thumb. We have increased the speed restrictor but when I tested it, I found it doesn't go any faster. I put it all the way out and all it does is rattle when you try to push the throttle in all the way...its as if its stuck in first gear and then it just screams instead of shifting.

I understand that it is fully automatic, but shouldn't I hear it change gears? It wasn't cheap at all and I can't imagine that it should operate the way it is.

My son has a PW80 and we have it regulated to 1/2 the power and he FLYS!! Her ATV is a 50 and we have it fully opened up, no regulation at all and hers doesn't even have the power to go half as fast.... as my son put it when he tried it, he saw a turtle crawl past going faster:)

Does anyone the speed potential of this type of ATV and if I should hear it change gears or does it just rev higher and higher and vibrate like crazy...

Thanks for any advise...I will call on Monday and take it in but I'm hoping for some opinions before they tell he that its normal operation...We live in Mexico and they try to do as little as possible:)
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