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Hi there, I've asked the local Polaris dealer this via email, but they really didn't seem interested. It's a fair hike to see them personally, so I'll try this forum first.

Basically I've got an '00 Magnum 325 2x4. I'm a bowhunter, and want to take it camping.
Now everything is fine, I've got a Badlands pack on the back, but that front rack for the bow could really be useful for other things if it had the new style storage box with a flip-top lid.

I know I could take the bike to a sheet-metal worker and get them to custom fabricate an aluminium box, but the weight factor, and having to plan out all the tie-down points, handles, etc. would be a pain.

Alright, so the question is: Can I straight swap my old style flat 325 Magnum rack with the newer Storage box, and if not, what do I need to modify?

2000 Magnum 325, flat front rack:

2004 Magnum 330, flip top storage box:

I've been looking through Polaris Industries website ( Browse ) for the parts and I've seen both fits, but they're not to scale at all so I can't even lay one over to get an idea.
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