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Hello guys,........

My name is Keith Blackburn and I hail from the Bluegrass state (KY) I'm 39yrs old, married with an 11yr old son. I bought an almost new 05 Suzuki Z-400 quad this weekend.

Only rode it one day. but I have to say,'s a LOT of fun. :D

I have another one exactly like this one (same year, make & model), but it had a few issues and while I was in the middle of restoring it, I happened upon a killer deal that I just couldn't pass up.

I haven't been riding ATV's for very long, but I have rode motorcycles most of my life, (both off-road & street)

I look forward to adding a few little extras (here & there) so it'll make for a better overall riding experience. Previous owner already had a few mods done to it.

Here's a few pics that I took yesterday,........

Since I have my other quad taken apart and in peices, I have decided to part it out. Look for a post in the classified section (in the near future) for my listing.
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