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hello all,
I have noticed on my 05 700 that I started getting some smoke from the front end, noticed oil is burning up on the header right at the block. cleaned it all up and ran it for a little while, and found the oil to be comming from what I can see, the valve cover. I tried a little torque on the bolts and noticed the cover was plastic. so can to the conclusion that I need to change the gasket.
From what I see I will have to remove the gas tank along with the front fenders and box, remove or toss aside some plastic parts and then I can attack the cover. Is there an easier way or is this the simplest?

thanks to anyone who chimes in

quick second question, the bike has a small sputter at idle, has been this way since I got it, my 600 (carburated) did not...just wondered if it was performance issues and snaps like a mother if I givver, just thought it odd not haveing a smoooth idle and being injected.
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