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Hello fellow ATV'rs,
I am hoping someone can help me with an over heating / fan issue that I am having with my 700. The Polaris is a 2004.5 700 EFI that I purchased new. It has worked well, I use it for riding and for ranch work. I service the ATV on a regular basis and over all it only has 154 hours. Well, recently it over heated. The fan has quit coming on. I tested the fan with a 12v battery and it works just fine. I ordered the service manual and ran the diagnostic, by unplugging the thermal sensor. The fan does not come on and run as the diagnostics show it should, however I used a volt meter and while running diagnostic the volt meter shows 12V to the fan. All I can figure out, is that there is not enough amps going to the fan in order to make it run?

While testing the fan with a 12v battery, my volt meter shows the fan pulling 7 amps.

Has anyone had this issue?

I have also done the following and still have not been able to get the fan to run.

1. Replaced the temperature sensor in the engine head.
2. This 700 does not have a radiator mounted temp sensor as the parts diagrams show?
3. The manual shows the wiring diagram with a separate 20amp fuse. I am unable to find a separate fuse for the fan? Where would it be located?
4. I swapped the fuses in the fuse block and it still does not solve the issue.

Could the Solid State Relay part no. 4011146 be the issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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