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To anyone who owns a Polaris MV7, a digital camera, and a generous heart, I am in desperate need of high resolution pictures of the Polaris MV7 for reference in building the atv as a 3d computer model (true to life dimensions) with hi resolution textures.

The MV7 will be intended for use by American SFOD1 (Delta Force) in an upcoming PC war game "expansion pack" about Operation Anaconda/Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

I have scoured the net for as many photos as I can find, but all of the side, front, back, or bottom pictures are not above 800x600 in resolution which makes modelling extremley dificult when you intend to be accurate. When modelling vehicles in 3d, its really hit and miss as to what you can actually find out there...

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated and for efforts put forth, the project team would be more than happy to mention the contributor in the expansion pack credits.
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