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prob with my 03 grizz

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sup guys, i just bought a yamaha 660 grizzly
4 wheeler, runs great. My question is when on the road it got a little lean on it, well i mean it leans to the right like its got a low tire but they all have the same pressure in them. Any suggestions on what it might be,, im guessin maybe a bad shock or a wek spring
when not on the 4 wheeler it sets level
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Check the preload on the springs and make sure they are set the same.

they are different the one on the right is adjusted up all the way one one the left is down
and the right is leaning
Has to be a bad coil spring on the right side or the shock.Switch the two and see if the problem moves to the left side.
ya for know i gots it goin good what i done was adjust the one shock up and leveled it out thnks for the info:D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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