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I have a 1997 Yamaha model numberYFM350FXJ. I searched for and found on eBay what it said was the carb for this machine. Then had to reset everything in the carb to get it to run correctly. Then it ran for about a week with grand kids riding it. Then float needle stuck closed. So I removed the needle and cleaned it did not see anything wrong so put it back on and it ran for another week then set for 3 or four days. I got on it and it ran for about 50 yards then quit. I checked and the needle was stuck closed again. Then I started checking numbers and found out this carb is for a 1995 model 350. Carb looks identical to the carb that came off machine but manufacture says it will not work(for what reason I could not find out and they said they did not have the carb I needed and would not give me any numbers for it.).
I then did a search for the exact parts list for a 1997 Yamaha wolverine model YFM350FXJ and can not find one. I find YFM350FX (which comes back to the carb I have). Now I search eBay for a 1997 wolverine carb and I get a regular carb not a high performance carb. Below is both carbs that is listed in the 1997 manual I bought but it does not say witch carb is supposed to be on it. The first is standard carb and the second is the high performance carb. The difference in the two is one intake manifold bolts on to carb and the other uses a band around a rubber piece and where the hook up for cable in the carb is, the HPC has a lever type piston valve and the regular carb has piston valve operated by vacuum. Any help will be appreciated.
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