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I'm not that mechanically smart - but I do know to check voltage and all the fluids on my 2009 Sportsman 500HO... my atv has very little miles on it... it has about 900 miles.

My first question is this. I put my bike in to park, and start it - it fires up fine, no issues... I let it idle say 15 minutes and it shuts offs... then trying to start it after that it is extremely hard. And once I get it started it shuts off again with in 5 seconds. The bike turns over fine, but just won't start. It has brand new gasoline in the tank.

So do the bikes after idling for X amount of time supposed to shut off? I never had the bike actually shut off while driving, just when it idles. Also it doesn't seem to be over heating because no warning on the screen about HOT shows up. Mind you the find does kick in when idle, is this normal?

I do a lot of fishing but this problem has stopped me from going, i'm worried I'll be in the middle of know where and it won't start. Should I take the bike to the dealer? Any tips or suggestions before I take it to the dealer would be great, because they charge 80hr for labour.
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