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:dunno: I just recently purchased 4 brand new Dirt Devil ll tires (25-8-12 front and 25-10-11 rear) for my 2003 Honda TRX Rancher 350 (original tires were 24-8-12 and 24-9-11). When I put the new tires on, the bike had the rear end jacked way up! I was told that these tires were ok to put on my ATV and that the ratio is correct. My bike now rides badly and I am worried that the transmission might damage. I sent emails to GBC and they were bounced back..i called their phone number and customer service told me to send an email to their corporate office and that someone in the technical department would answer me..still waiting! I verified with atv online and they told me not to worry about the height difference..but I am worried..i know this isn't right..the back tires are now 25 3/4 '' and the front tires are 24 1/4''... Anyone out there come across the same problem?? Any solutions?:dunno::(:confused:
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